Food & Nutrition Scholarship

At MSJ, Scholarships acknowledge exceptional individual ability and talent in a particular area. We welcome applications for Food & Nutrition Scholarships at 13+ and 16+, which are awarded on merit.

Becoming an MSJ scholar means striving for your best and sharing that passion with others.


The Malvern St James Food & Nutrition Scholar:

  • Appreciates the impact of food in the diet and society, and how it is grown, reared or caught.
  • Talks about food and demonstrates a passion for cooking both in and outside of the classroom.
  • Helps or attends the Growing Club to support younger years with this activity. 

  • Actively gets involved in the annual Healthy Eating Week events.

  • Enters the MSJ Master Chef Competition and any other competitions that the Food & Nutrition department suggest both internally and externally. 

  • Helps to promote events run within the Food & Nutrition Department such as The Cookery School @ MSJ.

  • At 13+ attends the Summer Term Cooking Club each week.

  • At 16+ helps with Year 7, 8 & 9 Cooking Club.

Applicants should:

Have an awareness, understanding and a keen interest in the food around us. Depending on your age it would be expected that you would want to continue your study of food through the GCSE Food and Nutrition course (13+) and/or the Diploma in Food Science and Nutrition (16+).

Food & Nutrition Scholarship Assessment:

Applicants should have considerable potential; ideally, they will already be achieving the best possible marks in their respective fields, whether academic or practical. In addition, applicants should be outstanding role models for other girls.

  • Written exam and practical assessment
  • Submit a well-presented portfolio showing examples of your cooking/baking using notes and photos, include what you learnt from it, the skills demonstrated and what you particularly enjoyed. Ensure you include details of any courses you have taken or competitions you have entered. There is no hard-set rule about how much to include, however your portfolio should demonstrate your energy and enthusiasm. There is no need to include recipes, however if you have read an article that is interesting to you that can be included along with annotation as to what you found interesting and what you learned from it etc, this can also include television programmes. 
  • Panel interview.

Apply online: