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Forces Families

Malvern St James Girls’ School has years of experience in providing a ‘home away from home’ for the daughters of Forces families. If you, as a Forces family, are eligible for the Continuity of Education Allowance (CEA), and can provide evidence of this, you will only need to pay 10% of our boarding fees.

At Malvern St James we provide the consistency and stability to ensure Forces children can continue to thrive. Your daughter will be surrounded by friends and supportive House Staff, who are experienced in caring for pupils from Forces families. We appreciate the particular needs, worries, understanding and support required to ensure your daughter’s experience is both fulfilling and fun. 

Our Forces families value the flexibility and individual support that our wrap around care offers day, flexi-boarders and boarding pupils.  House Staff are experienced in providing reassurance and care to girls whose parents are in the UK Armed Forces. With no School on Saturdays, we make sure that every weekend has a full programme of activities from mountain biking to theatre trips to keep girls fully engaged.  With many of our boarding staff themselves part of Forces families, this gives us further unique insight into the care and support your daughter may need.  

We welcome day pupils from age 4 (Reception) and boarding pupils from aged 7 (Year 3), with full, weekly or flexi Boarding available.  We understand the flexibility you need as a Forces Family and will support you and your daughter in every way possible.  Exeat weekends are not compulsory and girls can leave their belongings in their boarding house over the holidays.  We are also happy to accommodate weekends out if parents have leave during term time.  

If your family is eligible for the Continuity of Education Allowance (CEA), you will only need to pay 10% of our boarding fees.  For families not eligible for the CEA, we offer a Forces Family Discount.

As a Forces Family why choose Malvern St James Girls’ School?

  • Pay only 10% of fees in addition to CEA. If you are not eligible for CEA we offer a set forces discount
  • Reduced registration fee of £50 per child
  • £100 credit per child each term to spend on weekend excursions 
  • Free Exeat weekends as needed
  • Free taster day and night
  • Refer a Forces Friend Scheme
  • Sibling discount for families not eligible for the CEA: 10% for the second child; 15% for the third child (during those years where sisters are at school at the same time)

Forces Families Discount

As a Forces Family, as long as you are eligible for the CEA and can provide evidence of this, you pay only 10% of the Malvern St James Girls’ School boarding fees.  For Forces Families not eligible for the CEA, the Forces discounts are:

  • Reception to Year 6 - 10% reduction from fees
  • Year 7 to Year 8 - 15% reduction from fees
  • Years 9 to Year 13 - 25% reduction from fees

Refer a Forces Friend

Over the years, our Forces’ families’ community has grown and we would like to welcome more Forces families via our Refer a Friend Scheme. As a Forces family, if you refer a friend to us and they state your name on the Registration Form for their daughter, we will give you £1,000 credit which can be offset against extras such as music lessons or trips and thus kept separate from your Continuity of Education Allowance (CEA) claim. The first £500 is credited to your account when the pupil starts at Malvern St James, and a further £500 credited on completion of her first year.

This is not only to help promote Malvern St James Girls’ School to Forces Families, but also a thank you from us for spreading the word and recommending School to others.

Next Steps

If you are interested in finding out more about Malvern St James Girls’ School contact our Admissions team.

From a Forces Parent's Perspective

Malvern St James Girls' School Forces Families

"We chose Malvern St James Girls' School primarily due to a glowing recommendation from family friends who are also a fellow military family. Moreover, the single setting at MSJ suited our girls, where other schools we shortlisted had geographically separate prep and secondary settings, which for our eldest felt like a step back having already completed Year 7 in a regular secondary. Additionally, separation of the sisters was something else that would only add unnecessary worry."

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