Fees and Bursaries at Malvern St James

Fees & Bursaries 

Fees quoted are per term and are reviewed each academic year. Fees include dental insurance, personal accident cover and all meals during the School day. Additional insurances such as Personal Effects and Medical Cover is available through the School.

It is the practice of all fee-paying schools to request payment in advance at the beginning of each term. If payment of accounts is not received by the School by the first day of term, interest is charged on a daily basis, together with other administrative costs, as stated in the notes on the fees bill.

We offer a monthly direct debit payment scheme to help spread the cost of your daughter's fees, should you wish to.

Tax free childcare payments are accepted as payment towards boarding fees and billable post 4pm activities.

Occasional Boarding (Subject to availability and to be pre-arranged with the House)

Years 3 - 6: Day fees include 2 free nights per term and up to 5 paid nights per term - £86.00 per night
Years 7 - 8: Day fees include 2 free nights per term and up to 3 paid nights per term - £113.00 per night
Years 9 - 13: Day fees include 3 free nights per term and up to 3 paid nights per term - £118.00 per night

Exeat Weekend: £100.00 per night


All extras are charged in arrears as these are incurred during the term and are not notified to the Finance Department until after the event.


Our bursary programme is generous and designed to make it possible for as many girls as possible who meet Malvern St James entry criteria to take up a place here. Alongside sibling, military and Old Girl Association discounts, we also offer means-tested bursaries. These are worth up to a maximum of 40% discount from the fees. All Bursaries are granted on the recommendation of the Director of Finance, at the discretion of the Head.

To apply for a bursary, please complete the Confidential Statement of Financial Circumstances form and email to the Finance Manager.


  • Sibling discount: 10% for the second pupil; 15% for the third pupil (during those years where sisters are at school at the same time)
  • Old Girls Association: 5% discount
  • Forces families pay only 10%: for more information, please view the Forces Families page

Scholarship Fee Remission

Senior School Scholarships carry a fee remission of up to 10% for Scholarships and 5% for Exhibitions. The final award will be considered alongside any other bursaries and remissions, the combined total of which will not exceed 40% of fees. Sixth Form Scholarships and Awards may carry a fee remission subject to means testing.

Scholarships are awarded for as long as the student remains at the School, provided that the Scholar’s progress and conduct are excellent. We also expect Scholars to actively contribute to their Scholarship specialism.

Insurance Policies

Insurance included within the Fees is Personal Accident Insurance Scheme.

The following range of optional insurances is available through the School. Policies are provided by Marsh Insurance Brokers and full details of each scheme are below.