Entrance Exams for Malvern St James

Entrance Exams

Entrance to Malvern St James (MSJ) is based on the potential your daughter demonstrates in our assessments and a satisfactory confidential report, addressing both academic and pastoral matters from your daughter’s present school. Girls will have an interview with a Senior member of staff, either in person or via Skype.

MSJ Pre-Prep and Prep (Reception - Year 6)

Girls attend a ‘Two-Day Taster’ at Malvern St James including informal assessment. Applicants who are non-UK residents can be assessed remotely. Key Stage 2 applicants will also be informally interviewed.

MSJ Seniors (Year 7 - Year 10)

Entrance Examinations take the form of Cognitive Ability Tests (CAT4) and an English Comprehension examination (or Oxford Placement Test for non-native English speakers).

CAT4 is the most widely used test of reasoning abilities in the UK. It measures the four principal areas of reasoning – verbal, quantitative, non-verbal and spatial ability tasks. Each test will last approximately 45 minutes with breaks in between. The CAT may be used to predict future educational attainment. It also helps to build understanding of individual potential and learning styles.

MSJ Sixth Form (Year 12)

As part of the application procedure, girls are required to take written papers in three of the subjects they intend to study at Advanced Level. Girls whose first language is not English are also required to take an online Oxford Placement Test along with the subject papers.