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HSBC/British Council Mandarin Chinese Speaking Competition

Extra Curricular Senior

Six girls from MSJ travelled to London to compete in the HSBC/British Council Mandarin Chinese Speaking Competition.  This competition aims to provide a fun opportunity for students to practise and improve their Mandarin Chinese language skills.

Jess Morris, Lorna Rolinson, Evelyn Nutton, Anna Smith and Emma Jennings (all Year 9) and Andrea Rugasira (Year 11) were a credit to the School and thoroughly enjoyed the experience.  Andrea gave a solo performance and all the girls performed together in the group category.

Chinese teacher, Mrs Wu, said ‘We really had a great time and I am very proud of all our girls, who have worked extremely hard over the past few weeks. Many thanks to all our native Chinese speakers who gave coaching on pronunciation before this trip and all the MSJ staff who offered assistance. Without their help we could not have had this wonderful experience.’

Jess Morris said ‘Today we had our Mandarin competition. It was an amazing atmosphere and a great experience. We had such fun and I believe our performance went really well. It was a great time.’
We have subsequently been informed that Andrea Rugasira has secured a place in the final.

Following the competition HSBC Competition Team sent the following:

Dear Teachers,

We would like to thank you and your students for all the hard work and commitment that has been put into this year’s Mandarin Speaking Competition.  The judges were truly impressed with the level of Mandarin throughout all the heats. We are extremely happy to see this progress and increasing interest in Chinese Language and Culture.  Participation in the Competition is a great accomplishment on its own. We would like to congratulate all of you and ask you to pass on the best wishes of good luck with furthering the knowledge of Mandarin to your pupils.

Kind wishes,
The Competition Team

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