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Shakespeare Schools Festival

Drama Senior

Our Year 10 Drama GCSE group performed ‘Much Ado About Nothing’ on the professional stage at Hereford Courtyard Theatre as part of the Shakespeare Schools Festival, which is the largest youth drama festival in the world and involved over 12,000 pupils in the UK.

Our diverse group embraces 7 nationalities, so many girls were performing Shakespeare in their second language. They all worked together as a wonderful ensemble and gave a most entertaining and accomplished performance.

Here are some comments from the girls about their experience:

‘Everyone supported each other, it was an amazing experience. I would love to do a similar project. I learned many new things about theatre performance and opportunities’.

‘I understood more about the production of a play and gained experience in a professional theatre. We used so many modern elements and I realised that Shakespeare can be really lively and funny’.

‘I think one of the best things was acting in a real theatre in front of people who had paid to see our performances. I learned that you have to be your character and not worry about what other people think. This performance really showed me what a group could do ’.

‘We knew each other better and became friends. It was a fabulous experience’.

‘It was a lot of fun and really enjoyable. I learned lots of new skills and loved working in a professional environment, I would love to do it again!’

‘There were moments when I thought how can we do this in less than a month, but in the end it was brilliant! As a team we did a fabulous job and I had a lot of fun, especially in the dancing scenes. I had not performed Shakespeare before but now I really understand the language and this play’.

To read the positive appraisal our cast received from the Shakespeare Schools Festival Venue Director, please click here.


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