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Studying Law at Oxford

Sixth Form

On 16 March, Issy Rawlings and I had the opportunity to travel to the Oxford University Law Faculty to hear more about studying Law (Jurisprudence) BA, which is equivalent to  Law LLB. We were also provided with further information about applying to study Law with Law Studies in Europe, which was of particular value to both Issy and I, as Issy is interested in studying for a year in the Netherlands, whereas I am interested in applying to study Law with Law Studies in German.

Not only did we listen to lectures given by careers advisers, Oxford Dons and current students, but we were also guided around St Hugh’s College, which gave us an appreciation of what kind of accommodation could be expected at a typical Oxford college.

Following the tours, a historical lawyer and lecturer at Oxford offered examples of a Tudor law case before asking us to analyse them, inviting a variety of questions and opinions, without the assumption of a detailed understanding of law or the respective period in history.

This trip not only comprehensively engaged us in the stimulating world of law, but furthermore strengthened our ambitions to study this subject. The Dons we met dispelled “Studying at Oxford” myths, and were very happy to answer our individual questions. This was particularly pertinent for myself, due to the nature of my Extended Project Qualification (EPQ) under my chosen title “Can money buy justice in American legal systems?” Overall, this visit was an excellent experience to learn more about both studying Law and studying at Oxford, and was thoroughly worthwhile.

Louise Hayes

Year 12

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