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Marxism, Lenin and the Russian Revolution


Dr Chris Ward from Cambridge University gave a thought-provoking Lecture on The Ideological Origins of the Russian Revolution.

The evening got off to a cracking start with a reception where guests from Malvern College and Hereford Sixth Form College mixed with MSJ Sixth Form historians as well as teachers, parents and guests. Dr Ward worked the room talking to the students and answering questions. All very useful for Upper Sixth, who are currently finishing off extended essays on the historiography of Russian Revolutions. 

In his lecture, Dr Ward gave one of the clearest explanations I have heard of Marxism and its influence on the Bolshevik movement. I felt I understood much more clearly why Lenin campaigned for peace and an end to the First World War. The evening ended with a dinner party hosted by Mrs Woodhouse, during which our historians could throw even more awkward questions at Dr Ward. 

It was a very interesting and valuable evening and many thanks to Mrs Komar for inviting her old tutor to come and speak at MSJ.


Mrs Huntley
Head of History

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