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Prep STEM Club project encourages urban and rural nesting

Design and Technology Extra Curricular

Over the last year, members of the Prep STEM Club have been working designing and constructing their own bird boxes and they are now ready to be installed in gardens in Worcestershire and beyond. 

The first stage involved researching which common garden birds were native to their gardens and which species would be the most likely to be persuaded to nest in their gardens. Further research was needed to decide upon dimensions and the style of box for each girl's chosen bird, ranging from robins, blue-tits, wrens and sparrows, to a really adventurous barn owl requiring an enormous box!

After making a cardboard template, the girls took to wood and enjoyed using the appropriate tools and machines in the Design and Technology Department. In consultation with parents, webcams have been ordered and will be fitted once the location of the boxes has been decided.

We are excited to see if there will be any occupants in these boxes this year and have asked the girls to keep us informed over the next few years as it can take a while for birds to trust a new box. Among the styles of webcam we have two that are able to display live feed to remote locations so we may even have some live nesting on a screen around school in the future!

Words by Mrs Collins
Physics Teachers

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