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Prep Nativity 2017

Prep Drama

When the Nativity script landed in the Pre-Prep inbox back in late October, it is fair to say that Miss Pearson and I felt the pressure. Parents with older children will know that Mrs Wilkinson is infamous for producing and directing an exquisite Nativity. Where many schools have moved towards alternative modern adaptations, MSJ is extremely proud to deliver a thoroughly traditional re-telling of the Nativity each year - and expectations are high!

I can happily report that we needn't have worried about a thing. A bunch of truly professional actresses, the girls approached Nativity rehearsals with focus, care and attention. We had a bit of trouble slowing our donkey down but before Miss Pearson and I could think of a solution ourselves,  a shepherd and a wise man had grabbed a glockenspiel each and started tapping the beat for her. Before we could remind our inn keeper to stamp her foot at being so rudely awoken at the Inn, an angel whispered across the hall 'remember to be cross!'

And from that beautiful, supportive teamwork, a glorious final performance was born. A special mention is owed to Beth Mico for not panicking when her reading had been moved by some cheeky elves and for recalling the entire thing from memory without even batting an eyelid.

Well done to all the girls for delivering such a lovely, traditional Nativity -  even if their mischievous teachers did sneak in some sequin disco flares for our fantastic angels this year. Many thanks to all staff who helped; a special mention goes out to Mrs Pritchard for supporting with such dedication and foresight. 

Words by Ms Hayles
Prep-Prep Teacher

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