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Art in Action

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On 6 December, A level Art students travelled to London to watch 'Art in Action', an event where a collective of Artists come together to discuss their work, share experiences and impart knowledge and advice on their area in Art and Design. This year, the conference was held in the Emmanuel Centre and featured the Sculptor David Mach, Photographer Simon Norfolk, Portrait painter Stuart Pearson Wright and the prominent fashion designer, Dame Zandra Rhodes.

The girls were charmed by David Mach's charismatic character and were particularly impressed by his extensive accomplishments, having created a series of dramatic sculptures that have been featured in many public spaces.

Simon Norfolk impressed students with his work for the BBC and National Geographic. He presented himself as a passionate photographer who focuses on the effect of conflict on the physical and natural environment. The girls found his work with long exposure photography particularly interesting and his use of inventive angling to create a series of emotive and powerful pictures.

Stuart Pearson Wright was a fantastic public speaker who kept the audience hooked throughout. As a portrait painter the students felt that he presented the most relevant and relatable work. They particularly enjoyed his playful use of colour and composition and his ability to put a unique twist on a traditional genre, including portraits of Keira Knightly, Prince Philip and other prominent public figures.   

Lastly, for the textile students in particular, the presentation given by Dame Zandra Rhodes was both insightful and inspiring. The students were hugely impressed by her bubbly and confident character, commenting frequently on her commitment to her own style. She was a brilliant conclusion to a wonderful event.

Words by Ms Di Weissberg
Head of Art and Design

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