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Prep Christmas Fun Day 2017

Activities Prep

On Monday 4 December, the whole of Prep enjoyed a wonderful fun filled day of Christmas entertainment.  The girls went to watch the fantastic ‘Sleeping Beauty’ pantomime at The Swan Theatre in Worcester, which was followed by a delicious lunch of party food, the annual Secret Santa event and to finish the day off, a brilliant magic show.

Every prep girl and all the teachers thoroughly enjoyed Sleeping Beauty. One of the highlights was definitely when the pantomime Dame, Dame Ginny, came over to where Mr Fry was sitting and kissed him on the top of his head! Dame Ginny had recognised him from last year and made a bee-line straight for him!  The actors were great and the show was really good fun. The girls really got into the Christmas spirit during the pantomime and it was a super start to the day.

"The pantomime was so much fun." Sophie Clarke, Year 1

"I think the pantomime was thrilling." Sylvie Hart, Year 5

"I liked the fact that they sang happy birthday to me and Lily at the start." Jemima Wilcox, Year 3

"The pantomime was wonderful and was hilarious to watch." Martha Bond, Year 6

The lovely lunch that the catering department produced for the girls was a real hit and everybody happily tucked in to the array of party food. There were also Christmas crackers, party honkers and party poppers. The catering team also made a delicious Christmas cake with little icing penguins that all the girls and teachers loved.

"The lunch was so good and I ate a bit of everything." Millie Kane, Year 4

"The party food was really nice and I liked pulling open the Christmas crackers." Charlotte Motteram, Year 1

"The food at lunch today was so yummy." Hattie Moore, Reception

After lunch, was ‘Secret Santa’, which is when all of the prep girls and teachers buy a Christmas present for the person whose name they pull out of the hat. The four Skippers and the Prep Ambassador handed out all of the presents and all of the girls loved their gifts. They were all so excited when opening them. Shortly after, they got a little visit from Father Christmas himself!

"My necklace from Secret Santa is so beautiful." Natacha Blankenship, Year 6

"I can’t believe I got a Christmas present so early." Freya Allan, Reception

"I love my Secret Santa present so much and the Father Christmas visit was good too." Martha Smith, Year 2

"My Secret Santa present is so cool." Alice Bond, Year 3

Following on from ‘Secret Santa’, Magic Russ the magician performed a stunning magic show and had tricks suitable for all age groups. The most popular trick was when he made Mrs Gill’s ring disappear, then reappear in a ball, in a ball machine! The little ones were laughing their heads off when Dave the dog appeared at the end and drank all of his milk!

"I have no idea how magic Russ did those tricks!" Claudia Sefton, Year 5

"Cheeko the monkey was so, so funny." Beth Mico, Year 2

"The ring trick was truly brilliant." Charlotte Gannon, Year 4

What an absolutely amazing day for the entire Prep Department and thank you to everyone who contributed to making it such a special day for us all.

Words by Roseanna Gray
Prep Ambassador

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