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Students to feature in Artefact to Art book and exhibition

Classics Senior

A work of art by Sirikorn Mecasuwandamrong (Benz) in Year 12 has been awarded the runner-up prize in the 'Visual 11-18' category of a national 'Artefact to Art' competition run by University of Leicester in collaboration with the Classical Association.

The initiative aims to explore the following questions about ancient art and modern creativity: 

Can ancient artefacts inspire new works of art?
What is the difference between artists in the ancient world and today?
Are the creative processes of today different or similar to those of the past?

For the competition, entrants had to find an artefact that inspired them and create a piece of art - either poetry or visual art.

Benz's inspiration was Queen Nefertiti. In her submission, Benz wrote: "The beauty of Queen Nefertiti’s face from her bust has inspired me to create this painted and embroidered art piece. Undeniable, her timeless beauty is so pure and unique that makes it very difficult to forget and therefore, without hesitation, I choose to do a visual art of her portrait. So other people can appreciate her beauty, just like I do."

As well as being featured in the book, Benz's work will be displayed in the accompanying exhibition in Leicester as part of a Classical Association conference on 6-9 April 2018. She was also awarded £100 of book tokens. She has been invited to the Prizegiving Ceremony and Book Launch on 7 April 2018.

Mabel Pope (Year 10) also was successful and her piece will also be featured in the book to accompany the exhibition.

Congratulations, Benz and Mabel!


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