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Girls visit the Festival of Innovation

Computing Trips & Visits

On Tuesday 3 October, all Year 7 girls went to the Malvern Festival of Innovation held at the Three Counties Showground with Dr Guy and Mr Shaw. It was a fun filled day; we saw lots of amazing gadgets, did interesting workshops and learnt about a wide range of subjects.

We all liked ‘The 3D Chocolate Printer’, is was very exciting:  first they took a bag of coco beans, melted the chocolate, put the melted chocolate into the printer, pressed a button and a chocolate shape was created!

The virtual reality headsets were quite freaky - it was a game with a spaceship and trying to not get blocked; you had to keep moving your head.

The pop-up Planatarium was great – we learnt about what would happen if the Milky Way and Andromeda crashed. I really enjoyed this activity because of the different space pictures, finding out what would happen if our galaxy crashed and crumbled and learning that it would take 942 hours to get to mars by train.

I found out what some of the other girls enjoyed:

“The virtual reality game was extremely tricky and fun but it made you look really weird when your moving your head!” Vicky Cole

“My favourite bit was the 3D printer!” Isabella Michael

“It was a great day as I enjoyed learning about the planets in the planetarium and was amazed to find that black holes actually exist!” Rose Taylor  

“The Career Quiz because the people who ran it interacted with me and I found out more about myself. It was also really interesting to find out what other people would be when their older.” Emily Martell

“I also loved the Career Quiz because it gave me new ideas about my future. I came out as an EXPLORER!” Ella Greenland

“I really enjoyed my trip to the Malvern Festival of Innovation; I learnt lots of new things, saw lots of cool stuff and met lots of great people.” Morganne Seal

Words by Olivia Coom
Year 7

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