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Young Enterprise sell, sell, sell at school fireworks display

Extra Curricular Sixth Form

Young Enterprise (YE) is a national initiative that Year 12 students can join to gain business experience and develop vital skills needed for the future.

At the beginning of term, MSJ YE company Momentum was launched as a team of 13 girls. We all invested £10 each towards our company funds and are currently trying to grow it by selling sweets in school and doing various other activities. We will be investing the money that we make into a final product that we are currently in the process of developing.

On 3 November we had our first experience selling to the public at the Malvern St James  Bonfire Night. It was a very valuable experience for our group because even though we had sold in school before, selling to the general public proved to be a much bigger challenge.

Although we had some disagreements beforehand, we really came together and learnt to work as a team. We sold a variety of products, including glow in the dark items such as glow sticks, light up crowns, as well as different snacks. Everyone did their parts diligently, such as helping assemble the products or helping man the stall as the night got busier. The enthusiasm shown by everyone was contagious and helped create a wonderful atmosphere for the night. Overall, it was a great experience for us and we definitely exceeded our own expectations.

And to top it off, we got to enjoy a wonderful display of fireworks as well! Next up, Christmas Trade Fair!

Words by Dunni Oladapo (MD), Hara Zhang (MD) and Corliss Tse (FD)
Year 12

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