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History trip brings World War I to life

History Trips & Visits

Girls were transported back in time and given an insight into life during World War I when the Year 9 History class visited the Staffordshire Regiment Museum and the National Memorial Arboretum on 5 October.

At the museum, volunteer guides who were dressed as WWI personnel, took the girls on an insightful and curriculum based guided tour of the museum and its grounds. They toured its full size trench system and discovered what life was like for soldiers living and fighting in the trenches during the Great War. They were also able to try on and compare the uniform of an officer and a private soldier from WWI, as well as learning about the equipment the men would have used at that time.

The trench experience certainly struck a chord with the girls.

“I enjoyed visiting the trench because it gave us a real feel for what it would be like. It really brought what we were learning to life.” Emma 

“The highlight of the history trip was trenches and memorial museum because it showed how much people fought for their country. The trenches gave me an insight and more knowledge of how they felt during the war.” Yizzy

“I really liked the history trip because I had never been to somewhere like that before. When we were in the trenches we went down a dark tunnel we all bonded really well.” Izzy

The visit provided the girls with an opportunity to find out more about the Great War and what it would have been like to be a soldier. It also served as preparation and inspiration for the girls ahead of their History documentary project which sees the girls making three minute documentaries on any aspect of World War I they wish to cover. The films will be produced and shown at a film screening evening in January, to which parents and staff will be invited. 

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