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Year 10 trip to Parliament

Whole School Educational Visit

On Thursday 21st September, a group of Year 10 girls headed to London to visit the Houses of Parliament and other points of interest as a follow up to the Mock Election they were all involved in during the summer term.  

“After getting up at 5:45 and catching the 7:12 train, we got into Paddington and went to The National Portrait Gallery. It was very interesting to see Kings and Queens from different the ages and some of the Prime Ministers. I also loved seeing all the different painting styles from the Tudor style to modern day and even seeing portraits of people like Ed Sheeran and a 3D portrait. 

“Afterwards we walked through the city and saw well-known sights like the London Eye, Big Ben and Downing Street. This was really nice for me because it reminded me of when I lived in London and brought back lovely memories. There was real excitement around Downing Street and we even saw some ministers coming out of No. 10 after a meeting who were then chased by the press!

“In the afternoon we went to the Houses of Parliament for a tour and then a workshop on Laws and Debating. The tour was very intriguing; all the little extra things we saw which you normally wouldn't see made it even better, such as the throne that only Queen Victoria was meant to have sat on and the little pigeon-holes in the lobby for every MP. Actually going in to the House of Commons and Lords was probably a once in a lifetime opportunity for most of us and seeing where everyone sat was very cool. The workshop was a fun and new way to learn about politics and how laws are made. Overall it was a very fun day, jam-packed with excitement and laughter.”

Words by Mabel Pope
Year 10

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