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Drama Rehearsals at The Old Rep Theatre

Drama Trips & Visits

First the casting, then the read through, then the early blocking of the scenes…

Now the serious rehearsals of the School’s production of The Winter’s Tale have started as the girls travelled to the stage at The Old Rep theatre in Birmingham for a workshop and direction from professional actors.

The Year 10 Drama groups have been working frantically and enthusiastically to get their production for the national Shakespeare Schools Festival to the highest standard - even though they only have half a term to do it in! With that most famous stage direction, ‘Exit pursued by a Bear’, The Winter’s Tale is a challenging play but the girls are creating magic and atmosphere through physical theatre, music and a deep exploration of the text, promising to deliver a memorable performance on the night of Halloween. We look forward to seeing you there!

For further details about the performance, please email

Words by Mrs J Fisher
Head of Expressive Arts and Drama


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