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Girls visit University of Oxford

Senior Trips & Visits

A group of Year 11 students, parents, Dr Jones and Mrs Baird visited the University of Oxford Colleges' Open Day in September.

In the morning the first stop was at Brasenose College where we had a tour around the site from a current student ambassador who excitedly listed all the opportunities that were available to students, including home comforts such as a popcorn machine in the JCR! He also mentioned the high importance placed on student wellbeing and the range of clubs and societies on offer. We stayed for the Admissions session which emphasised the importance of both academic success as well as the ability to discuss and question.

We then moved to Hertford College where everyone chose the subject lectures that they wanted to attend and were led off to different parts of the college by student ambassadors. In the afternoon we split into smaller groups so that everyone could visit the colleges they were interested in and get a feel for Oxford itself. Overall it was a very successful and inspiring day!

"The people at Oxford are very kind and helpful, and their tours were informative and each college unique. Visiting Oxford has opened my eyes to possibilities and it has encouraged me to start thinking about and researching university my options early." Rebecca Harris, Year 11

"The Oxford trip was very interesting and informative. We got to visit a wide range of colleges and attend lectures about courses we were thinking about doing; it was useful to see the student accommodation and hear about the social opportunities, too." Kay Baxter & Hattie Baxter, Year 11

Words by Dr R Jones
Learning Enrichment & Support Co-ordinator 


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