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Prep visits Aztec Water Park

Activities Prep

On Friday 15th September, Years 3 – 6 had a fun-filled day at Aztec Water Park. 

We all did lots of amazing activities such as Archery, where we had to make a pizza out of our arrows, and Kata Canoeing where two canoes are side by side and we paddled around the lake in our teams finding letters to create words. We loved the raft building but unfortunately most of the rafts we built fell apart and we all fell into the water! 'Crossing the river' was my favourite land activity; we were given five wood planks which our team had to use to cross the pretend river.

The most useful thing I learnt during the day was how to tie a rope knot, I’m looking forward to showing my skill on the next school adventure.

Five minutes before we left a storm came with lots of thunder and rain but luckily we took lots of pictures for all the parents before the storm and before we got too wet!

I hope everyone had as much fun as I did.

Words by Tallulah Richards
Year 6

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