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Year 12 team building at Wilderhope Manor

Trips & Visits Sixth Form

On Thursday 14 September the Year 12 Induction Trip to Wilderhope Manor in Shropshire took place. As a new girl at Malvern St James, I found this a very beneficial way of becoming better acquainted with the girls in the year and making friends.

The day involved a wide range of team building activities. We were placed into different groups and had to participate in different challenging activities where we competed against other teams to achieve the fastest time possible. I personally found this very amusing since some of the tasks we had to do involved us getting into all sorts of positions in order to complete the task!

Later on in the day the survival skills part of the day took place. We were put into different groups and had learn a new survival skill, taught by the instructors. These included wicker basket making, fire lighting, water purification, preparing a fish for eating and making something to hold water. Having learned these skills, we then had to teach them to the rest of our team members which, for some tasks, proved problematic as it was more complicated and involved more in depth demonstrations. After this we were all judged on our skills and how well we’d taught them. The team with the most points from this won.

There were quizzes in the evening and I found this was a was a great way for me to learn people’s names and learn more about my team members as well as discovering new things from the answers to the questions.

I found the trip to be a very beneficial experience as I’ve learned many new things and made lots of new friends. It was lots of fun!

Words by Lauren Whitton
Year 12

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