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News from the Art Department

Art Senior Sixth

It has been a busy second half of term in the Art Department with a Year 11 Textiles Workshop with Angie Hughes, a Print Workshop with Adrienne Craddock for Years 11 and 12, a Portrait Painting Weekend for Years 12 and 13 and a trip to Tate Modern to see Georgia O’Keefe’s and Bhupen Khakar’s work.

Annie Davey said about the Textiles Workshop “It was very useful, I learnt lots of new textile techniques and look forward to using them in my coursework.”

Hattie Green agreed “I really liked the foiling technique and was impressed with the range of stitches you can do when working in freehand stitch.”

“Angie uses techniques I have never seen before and the results have a real wow factor.” said Benz Mecasuwandamrong.

Adrienne Craddock’s Workshop was also very popular with the girls.  “This was a new way of expressing art through the sensory use of materials. Instead of drawing we cut images from textured cards to create a printing block. The unexpected results were great.” said Hattie Green.

“I really liked Adrienne’s work as it was based on stories and poems and expressed real emotion.” said Cecilia Cheung.

The two day portrait workshop, led by accomplished portrait painter Mike Bagshaw, was a great experience for all who took part.  Saturday comprised demos and instruction on three distinct styles of portrait painting in oils, allowing students to explore their own strengths and preferences, using a limited palette. The use of a model throughout led to a very valid drawing and painting experience where the use of light and the tonal planes of the face were thoroughly explored. Using a brush, rather than a pencil, for the initial drawing stage gave students the confidence to explore more adventurous forms of mark making. On the Sunday, a quick charcoal study allowed students to re-familiarise themselves with the sitter’s face. This was followed by a more extensive session where they could adopt their preferred style to complete a final portrait on canvas. Throughout the workshop valuable constructive and supportive criticism was given, ultimately enhancing the quality of the work.

‘It was great that we had the opportunity to paint from life for the whole weekend. The structured variety of styles and the limited time frames really pushed our boundaries.’ said Isobel Vickery.

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