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Lucinda Wins Corpus Christi Essay Competition

English Sixth

A non-eventful weekend checking old emails triggered the motivation Lucinda Hobden needed to achieve victory in Cambridge University’s Corpus Christi Essay Competition.

By eloquently answering the question ‘Does Literary Criticism Do Us Any Good?’ Year 12 student Lucinda won the Christopher Marlowe prize in English and delighted her English Literature tutor, Mrs Hubbard, who had originally suggested she enter the competition.

She explained in her essay how criticism can enrich a person’s understanding of literature and that ‘the world of literature would ultimately be left impoverished if the parasitic critic was banished.’

Lucinda’s essay showcases her excellent research and communication skills and her drive to outline her views clearly and concisely.  She explains “I entered the competition simply because I was interested in the question.  I really enjoyed the research and it gave me the opportunity and incentive to consider deeper questions around English literature, which may have otherwise been brushed over”.

Lucinda is looking forward to attending the prize winner’s lunch along with other writers, graduates, dons and lecturers from the college, where she will receive her award of £300. She is keen to apply for a place at Cambridge and immerse herself in the whole university experience.

'Does Literary Criticism Do Us Any Good?' by Lucinda Hobden



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