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ISI Inspection Summary 2017

ISI Inspection Summary 2017


ISI Inspection Summary 2017

Inspection Report

by the Independent Schools Inspectorate (ISI)– May 2017

Malvern St James has received the highest rating of ‘EXCELLENT’ in the ISI’s Educational Quality Inspection, published this month.

The two outcomes which the Inspection Report covers are:

  • ‘The quality of pupils’ academic and other achievements’: ‘EXCELLENT’
  • The quality of pupils’ personal development’: ‘EXCELLENT’

ISI Inspection Report Summary:

‘The quality of pupils’ academic and other achievements is excellent’:

  • ‘Pupils make good progress, achieve good examination results and have excellent attitudes to learning’.
  • ‘Pupils develop outstanding knowledge, understanding and skills across a range of subjects, at all levels of the school’. They have ‘highly developed levels of numeracy, literacy and ICT skills’.
  • Teaching is ‘adventurous, and models the need to take risks. Pupils respond well ... and make rapid progress as a result’.
  • Pupils demonstrate ‘extremely positive attitudes to their learning’; produce ‘organised work presented with a great deal of pride’; ‘work hard to achieve targets they set themselves’; ‘seize opportunities to develop written work’; and ‘bring energy to mastering (tasks)’.
  • ‘A sense of fun and laughter is rarely far away’.
  • Pupils have ‘excellent’ communication skills, being ‘fluent, articulate and persuasive’. They ‘shine in academic enrichment … they relish pitting their wits against something unfamiliar’.
  • ‘Pupils excel in sport, performing and other arts and a range of extra-curricular activities’.
  • ‘Results at GCSE have been above and A Level results have been well above the national average for maintained schools. Most school leavers gain admission to competitive university courses, including those with the most demanding entry requirements’.
  • ‘Pupils’ study skills are excellent’.

The quality of pupils’ personal development is excellent’:

  • Pupils ‘excel in teamwork and problem solving, encouraged by abundant opportunities in the classroom and an attitude of positivity which is a central aim of the school’s leadership’.
  • Pupils have ‘high levels of self-confidence’, ‘excellent sense of personal responsibility’, ‘make a significant contribution to the wider community’ and have ‘an excellent understanding of how to lead a safe, healthy lifestyle’.
  • ‘Pupils have a clear understanding of the importance of making decisions that act in the best interests of their well-being and success’. This is ‘good preparation for life beyond school, as although guidance is always available, the choices are always theirs’.
  • ‘The school’s marking policy provides formative, summative, and oral feedback that encourages them to think about their errors, evaluate and correct them’.
  • There is ‘an excellent programme of outdoor education and sport’.

ISI Focused Compliance Inspection

The school has also met all of the criteria in the Focused Compliance Inspection for Schools with Residential Provision (there are only two judgements in this inspection: ‘met’ or ‘not met’).

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