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The Founders' Awards

The Founders' Awards


The Founders' Awards

The Founders’ Awards is a new bursary programme to enable outstanding students to access the excellent educational opportunities offered at MSJ. The Awards are named in honour of our founding schools; Lawnside, The Abbey, St James’s School, St James’s and The Abbey, and Malvern Girls’ College. We are proud of our roots in these schools and the pioneering women who established the tradition of excellent all-girls’ education in Malvern.

Through these awards we aim to increase accessibility to the School and build upon an already deep-rooted tradition of bursary and scholarship provision.

These prestigious awards address MSJ’s long-term ambition to reach more girls who would be otherwise unable to attend the school, or take part in all aspects of it, without financial assistance. The Founders’ Awards are means-tested and entirely separate from Scholarships, which are based on excellence within a particular discipline.

The Founders’ Awards scheme has £20,000 annually guaranteed for its first two years, thanks to a generous bequest left to MSJ in 2014. Thereafter it will be funded solely by donations, legacies and gifts. The number of Awards given, and the value of each, will be kept deliberately flexible so that we are able to reach the most deserving girls and address their individual circumstances.

MSJ seeks out girls who show a pursuit of excellence and demonstrate the value of tenacity, leadership and compassion. Award holders will be mentors, role models, and fantastic ambassadors who will enjoy being part of our community and play a leading role within it.

We are enormously grateful to the donors who have already generously contributed to The Founders’ Awards, without whom the programme would not be possible.

If you would like to support The Founders’ Awards, please contact Emily Harris, Director of Marketing and Admissions either by email or call +44 (0)1684 892288

You can download and complete our Donation and Gift Aid Form using this link. Donation and Gift Aid Form

How the Awards Scheme Works

Applications are welcomed from Year 11 girls already at MSJ as well as those currently at school elsewhere who, in their pursuit of excellence, will make an exceptional contribution to the academic and enrichment life of MSJ.

The application process works as follows. Applicants are required to submit
- a “Confidential Statement of Financial Circumstances” form – the details supplied on this form are confidential to the Director of Finance and the Finance Manager who will assess each application on an individual basis
- a personal statement
- a full CV
- an application form

The evaluation process is comprised of means testing and a review of the qualifying candidates’ CV and personal statements to draw up a shortlist, culminating in a rigorous panel interview.

Awards are announced during the second half of Spring Term. They are bestowed formally at the School’s Prizegiving Ceremony in July 2016 and commence the following September.

2016 Awards

We are delighted to announce the first Malvern St James Founders’ Awards. Among a strong field of applicants, two impressive candidates Coco Chernel and Chloe Parker have been granted awards in recognition of their performance, dedication and talents.

The Award is a meaningful contribution which will enable each girl to enjoy the boarding experience offered in MSJ Sixth Form.  For Chloe, the award will allow her to become a flexi-boarder for 3 nights per week, cementing the Sixth Form experience and helping her to achieve her aims.  Coco will become a weekly boarder enjoying the increased access to School resources weekly boarding allows her. 

The girls went through a rigorous selection process, which included a written application and a face to face interview with a senior panel.  The standard of applicant was incredibly high but Chloe and Coco stood out because they both showed themselves to be extremely driven and motivated.  They already given a lot of thought to their future career options and both displayed passionate aspirations.  They were able to describe what they were expecting to gain from their time in the Sixth Form at MSJ.

Coco in particular was highly committed to MSJ and was able to image how she planned to give back to the school once an Old Girl and be a strong ambassador.   

In her interview Chloe demonstrated an impressive level of maturity and intellectual sophistication which left the panel in no doubt that she would be a valuable asset to MSJ both in the Sixth form and beyond.

A delighted Chloe said “I am eager to start an Engineering Society with Coco.  I will also have more time to study in school.  I love being at MSJ because of all the opportunities it has and will provide in the future in a warm friendly environment.”

Mr Parker, Chloe’s father said “Chloe’s mother and I are extremely proud of her.  Her work ethic and drive is all her own and we have never put any pressure on her.  We could not wish for a better education and school and Chloe is very happy.  From day one at MSJ, Chloe has gone to school with a smile on her face and come home with one too.” 

Chloe also enjoys netball, Lacrosse and debating, as part of her ongoing extracurricular and enrichment activities, plus she has just started her Extended Project Qualification.

Coco said “I can take advantage of the resources the school has on offer without the time constraints of the school timetable.”

Mrs Jackie Northcott, Coco’s mother added “Coco would not have had chance to achieve this huge opportunity in Kenya.  Since moving to the UK, Coco has received great support from MSJ.”

Coco also enjoys Lacrosse, netball, hockey, STEM club, athletics, is an active member of MSJ Precious sisters committee and charity committee.  D of E and Speech and Drama are also on Coco’s list of enrichment and extracurricular activities.

Coco added “MSJ has always supported me in my growth as a person and has offered me countless opportunities which have moulded me into the person I am today.”

At A Level Chloe will study Maths, Further Maths, Physics and Product Design.  Coco has chosen Maths, Physics, Geography and Product Design.  Both girls aspire to study engineering at top universities and are keen to start an engineering society at school – the first of its kind.