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Make a Donation

Make a Donation


Make a Donation

Gift Aid It

The most tax-effective method of charitable giving in the UK is through Gift Aid. If you are a basic-rate (20%) taxpayer, for every £1 you donate, Malvern St James can claim an extra 20p (the basic-rate tax you have paid) from HM Revenue and Customs. The administration is handled by the School, all you need to do is complete our Gift Aid Declaration form.

If you are a higher-rate (40%) taxpayer, when you report a donation in your self-assessment tax return, you will be refunded the additional 20% tax you have paid on your gift (the difference between 20% and 40% tax bands). So, if you donate £80 Malvern St James can claim Gift Aid worth £20 and you will be credited £20 from your tax return. The gift is worth £100 to MSJ but costs you £60.

The figures shows how little it needs to cost. In some circumstances, where the taxpayer is earning a certain annual salary, it can represent as much as a 45% tax saving – so please do contact your tax advisor.

MSJ receives £100
Donation and cost to 20% taxpayer £80

Cost to 40% taxpayer £60
Cost to 45% taxpayer £55

You can make a Gift Aid declaration by using our Donation and Gift Aid Form, which is available to download by clicking the link at the bottom of this page.

A Single Gift

By cheque
Please make cheques payable to "MSJ Bursary Fund" and send to:
    Malvern St James
    15 Avenue Road
    WR14 3BA

Bank transfer
You can make a bank transfer using the following details:
    Account number: 72838400 
    Sort code: 40-47-17

By debit / credit card
If you would like to make a donation using your debit / credit card please call 01684 892288 or email and we will call you back to take your card details.

Monthly standing order

A standing order donation helps us to plan our fundraising. For example a monthly contribution of £25 over 3 years can add up to a significant donation of £1,080 after Gift Aid. Remember, all gifts received whilst you are still paying UK tax are eligible for Gift Aid.

Monthly Donation           Total Donation After 3 Years            Total Donation After Gift Aid
£10                                    £360                                                       £432
£25                                    £900                                                       £1,080
£50                                    £1,800                                                    £2,160
£100                                  £3,600                                                    £4,320

If you would like to make a donation of any kind we would be grateful if you could download and complete our Donation and Gift Aid Form. Donation and Gift Aid Form.