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What Families Ask

What Families Ask


What Families Ask

Please find answers to regular queries from families. Any other queries please do not hesitate to contact us

Are school meals included in the fees?

Lunch and occasional breakfast and supper are included in the school fees. We offer a choice of 5 - 6 hot and cold choices per meal. Refreshments are provided at both morning break and tea time.

How is the school day structured?

The school day starts with registration at 8.15am and lessons then take place until 4.00pm. The activity and prep slot then begins. The girls will either take part in clubs and activities and / or they will do their prep. The school day formally ends at 6:10pm.

What activities do we offer?

We offer over 60 activities per week across the school, from horse riding or pottery, to mandarin or sailing!

It is easy for me to communicate with my daughter’s teachers?

Great communication with our parents is very important to us at MSJ. Each year group has a Year Co-ordinator who will be your main point of contact at the school. The Year Co-ordinator’s primary objective is for your daughter to be happy and therefore they like to work with you as a team to ensure your daughter is fulfilling her potential.

Is there Saturday school?

We do not have Saturday school at MSJ. Some sports matches take place on Saturday but there are no lessons and the school week formally finishes at 6.10pm on Friday evening.

Will my daughter do her Prep at school?

Between 4.00m and 6.10pm every day your daughter can either take part in activities or attend a supervised Prep session. There is a Prep Drop-In run by our Learning Support Department for girls who need a little bit of extra help with their homework during this time. The Housemistresses also ensure there is allocated ‘quiet time’ in the boarding houses in the evening for girls who still have prep to do.

What if my daughter has other commitments outside of school?

We love to support girls who have serious interests outside of school and we are keen to support out-of-school commitments. Whilst many girls do all of their activities within school time, we are flexible for those who need to pursue their interests outside of MSJ. We offer a tailor-made curriculum as each girl is an individual. 

How many girls are there in a class?

The average class size is 16 girls.

Are socials with boys’ schools planned for the girls?

From Year 8 upwards, social events are planned with boys from other schools. We also plan socials based on an activity i.e. a rounders match or Scottish dancing and dinner, as we know this works as a good ice breaker.

What if my daughter becomes unwell?

We have a wonderful Health Centre at MSJ and we have nurses who are on duty 24 hours per day if your daughter should become unwell. A doctor holds a surgery every morning if your daughter needs an appointment.

Can my daughter stay at School during Exeats?

Yes, your daughter is welcome to stay at School during Exeats and the Boarding Houses will be supervised. There will be an additional fee of £70 per night for this service.

Is transport provided to and from the airport for my daughter?

At the start and end of each half term and term, an MSJ bus will take the girls to the airport.