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Old Girls' Association


Old Girls' Association

The Old Girls’ Association

The Old Girls’ Association is our alumnae group which incorporates Old Girls of Malvern St James and all of its founding schools – Malvern Girls’ College, St James’s School, The Abbey, St James’s & The Abbey and Lawnside.

The Old Girls’ Association (OGA) comprises over 4,000 members and as well as providing social opportunities to bring old friends back together, we are very firmly committed to providing professional networking opportunities to our Old Girl community and current pupils at MSJ. We do this by providing a network of contacts with experience and expertise across a wealth of business sectors incorporating Old Girls who are just starting out, to those who have made it to the very top of their professions, and every stage in between.

We are very grateful to Old Girls who volunteer to come back to School to give University and Careers Lectures and Workshops; who offer mentoring advice by phone, email and Skype; who offer work shadowing and internship experiences; who participate at the MSJ Careers Fair; who conduct mock interviews for University entrance; who act as mentors and wise guides to current students and our younger Old Girls. If you think you would like to be involved in this kind of thing, please let us know.

Look at our new networking and news hub at The more people who join, the stronger, better and more useful this becomes. We also have Twitter and Facebook feeds with alumnae-related news. Facebook/msjoga and Twitter MSJ_OGA

There are many practical ways in which the OGA helps its community. Each year we are able to issue Travel Awards to Old Girls and students undertaking volunteering projects or study abroad. We also have Old Girls dotted around the world, many of whom are happy to be a friendly face and offer advice for Old Girls travelling or relocating to other countries. And the OGA also make significant contribution to the School’s Bursary Fund – The Founders’ Awards – to enable talented girls to attend MSJ, who couldn’t do so without financial assistance.

And of course the OGA is about continuing and rekindling friendships. We host several events a year, in Malvern and elsewhere, to bring people together. We can also help you find friends if you wish to organise your own reunion. There is an OGA Digital Newsletter produced once a year, and also an OGA News magazine printed once per year.

Get in touch with us if you would like to be added to the Old Girls database, or if you need to update your information. Or if you have an idea for something you’d like to see us doing.

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