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How the money is spent

How the money is spent


How the money is spent

Thanks to all who have supported all our social and fund-raising activities. Through their generosity, the profits from our activities are used to buy extra items for the School, which benefit all the girls. 

Recently we have funded the following items and activities:

  • Musical instruments for the Music Department to encourage Pre-Prep and Prep to try new instruments
  • Wii Games for the Boarding Houses
  • A set of Badminton Posts and equipment for Greenslade and Benhams
  • Upper Sixth Leavers' Ball - annual contribution for the cost of the Band
  • Christmas Parties for all Boarding Houses and Prep Dept
  • An annual subscription to LoveFilm for all Boarding Houses
  • Year 11 Party
  • Cookery Equipment for Greenslade and Mount
  • PSHE – Drugs Awareness and Healthy-Eating seminars
  • A Buddy Bench + Lego Mindstorm robots for Prep Dept
  • Karaoke machines and microphones for the Boarding Houses
  • We are funding the purchase of 25 brand new prefect gowns in a more appropriate colour to support the current School uniform
  • Prep Department cameras
  • Badges for Ships
  • Banners for Ships
  • 2 table top cookers for the Prep Department
  • Specialised skipping ropes to bolster depleting supplies for all the School
  • Bats and balls to enable the existing table tennis table in the Quad to continue to be used
  • Outdoor table tennis table
  • Prefect gowns
  • Avenue furniture & common room refurb
  • Sports bibs
  • Inspirational speakers
  • Spanish play

Requests in the pipeline

  • Photo booth at the 10 year anniversary party
  • All other requests by the School considered