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Extended and higher projects


Extended and higher projects

EPQ is recognised & respected by Universities for developing independent thought, learning and approach. Subsequently it is a fast growing qualification as it indicates that the student is able to manage her time and carry out independent research effectively. 

It will help you can develop key transferrable skills that you will need for university and lifelong learning. Apart from having no exam, it is the flexible and individual nature of the qualification that can be appealing. Girls can do a project on anything they find interesting and can tackle it as an essay or create an artefact or put on an event.

The Higher Project Qualification (level 2) is equivalent to half a GCSE and the Extended Project Qualification (level 3) is equivalent to an AS but is assessed at A2 level. Both qualifications are highly flexible, allowing girls of all abilities to tackle a project of their choosing, and work with a supervisor at their own pace. Although the natural starting point for HPQ is the beginning of year 10, and for EPQ beginning of year 12, there is scope to begin a project at any point in the year and complete it at any point. Taught skills are a part of the process and these need to be included as the project is developed.

Key skills that you will be taught are:

  • Time management
  • Research skills
  • Evaluation of resources
  • Report writing 
  • Bibliography & Referencing skills (Harvard)
  • Critical Thinking
  • Presentation skills
  • Ethics
  • Questionnaire design & Data Analysis

Projects chosen by girls are typically divers and some examples are:

  • To what extent does the future of medicine depend on the use of gene therapy?
  • Can personalities by categorised?
  • An exploration of the birth of German horror films.
  • The effects of corruption in Nigeria. An insider’s perspective.
  • The staging of an Elton John tribute concert.
  • Origins of animal life - God or Science