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Business and Economics

Business and Economics


Business and Economics

Inspiring girls to become world class leaders!

Henry Ford stated, “If money is your hope of independence, you will never have it. The only security that a (wo)man will have in this world is a reserve of knowledge, experience and ability.” By studying Business and Economics, girls at MSJ are given the opportunity to build this reserve through engaging, fun and practical lessons. The subjects are of great relevance, and importance, in today’s fast and ever changing economy. They provide a fascinating insight into the factors that shape the modern world.

“Ensuring that women are able to reach the highest levels of leadership and responsibility is important for humanity and economics." Christine Lagarde

The sheer nature of Business and Economics allows for discussion and debate, enabling girls to become confident in their ability to present their opinions, argue their cause and make valued judgements.

The department aims to develop an ethos of intellectual curiosity by instilling an enthusiasm and desire to engage in the constantly evolving world of business and economics. We also aim to inspire girls to dream more, learn more, do more and become more.  As J M Keynes believes, "the difficulty comes not so much in developing new ideas, as in escaping from old ones". We give girls the confidence and ability to take risks, develop their own ideas and question existing strategies.

"I enjoy Business studies as it is relevant to the world we live in. It is an interesting, yet challenging subject and I enjoy discussing why business leaders such as Richard Branson make the decisions they do." Wuraola Oyedeji

By studying Business and Economics, you will be able to understand the subtleties and complexities of current business and economic issues and develop transferable skills. They are academic subjects, well respected by universities and provide an excellent foundation for the world of work!

At MSJ, the Business and Economic department staff are passionate about the subjects and instil this passion into their students so that they can produce great work and aspire to achieve the top grades. As Steve Jobs once said, "The only way to do great work is to love what you do".

"It’s a great subject for those with a questioning mind. If you are curious about what goes on around you, then Economics is the subject for you. And what’s more it is fun!” Elysia Garland

Girls who study Business and/or Economics at MSJ have gone on to study the following courses at top universities: Architecture, Business Administration, Business Economics, Economics, Engineering, Event Management, Finance and Accounting, International Relations, Land Economy, Law, Management and PPE.

Outside of the classroom, the department run several Drop-In sessions to support the girls and we also have an open door policy, allowing and supporting growth mindset. We actively use Twitter to broaden the and challenge the girls current business and economic knowledge - @Business_MSJ and @Economics_MSJ. We take the girls on educational visits to Morgan Motors, JLR and Cadbury World to support the theory studies in class. The department also facilitates a cross-curricular trip to New York and Washington with departments including Art, Geography and History and Politics.

The Economics Society was set up several years ago by a group of enthusiastic Sixth Form Economists to create a platform for students in Years 10 to 13 to participate in engaging discussions on topics ranging from the collapse of the Russian rouble and the devaluation of the Nigerian naira to Cartesian Dualism. By creating weekly presentations with the help of various resources such as the news and publications, for example ‘The Economist’, they are able to encourage girls to think critically and to form their own opinions on world issues, while taking into consideration the views of fellow members. The Society also reinforces the topics taught in the classroom and for the past few years, revision sessions have been held by the Year 13 Economists to support the girls during their examinations. On the whole, the society aims to give students the confidence to form and share ideas, which is an invaluable skill for their future endeavours.

At GCSE Level, the department offer Edexcel IGCSE Business (4BS1) and Edexcel IGCSE Economics (4EC1). Both courses give the girls at MSJ the foundation on which to build their A Level studies of Business and Economics. It exposes the girls to the relevant terminology, theory and skills allowing them to explore the fascinating world of business and economics.

At A Level, the department offers AQA Business (7132) and Edexcel Economics A (9EC0). Both courses allow the girls to develop transferable skills and fuel their curiosity for business and economic related current affairs. Girls quickly develop skills such as communication, analysis, critical thinking, numeracy, independent research and teamwork. All vital skills demanded by both universities and employers.

“I really enjoy Economics as I am now able to understand the news and decide if the government is doing it right!” Henrietta Hunter-Hamilton

"Economics is engaging and I enjoy learning about current economic issues." Ellie Revill

“Studying economics equips you to participate more successfully in then increasingly knowledge-based and interdependent global economy of the twenty-first century.” Rachel Lui